Database for Single Exon Coding Sequences in Mammalian Genomes
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Eukaryotic genes are typically interrupted by intragenic, noncoding sequences termed introns. However, some genes lack introns in their coding sequence and are generally known as “single exon genes” (SEGs). SinEx DB is a publicly available, searchable database that houses the DNA and protein sequence information of SEGs and includes their functional predictions and the relative distribution of these functions within species. SinEx DB provides a rich source of information for advancing our understanding of the evolution and function of SEGs.

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Jorquera,R., Ortiz,R., Ossandon,F. et al. SinEx DB: a database for single exon coding sequences in mammalian genomes. Database (2016) Vol. 2016: article ID baw095; doi:10.1093/database/baw095.